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Ringing in the New Year

Block Ring Design for 3D Printing.

Print-in-place hinged calibration ring.

A 3d printed ring scrolled through my social media feed. Later on a run, a question entered my mind, “what would be the best orientation for printing it?” On its side for strength and the ring would sacrifice the shape of the nubs and need support.

So in my head, concepted a print-in-place design. Also figured it can be used a calibration test for a 3d printer, too. When I got home, modeled this.

The hinges have a 0.25mm clearance and should fold down with little, if any force. Also added a 2mm hole that 1.75mm filament should tightly fit. 

Too bad I gave away all Legos to my nephew years ago so don’t have any to test.

Want to download the ring to try yourself? Here’s the file. Printed above in GreenGate Green Recycled PETG, using a 0.6mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height. 3 perimeters and 50% fill. If the hinges are fused, your printer may be overextruding or have blobs that are causing issues.

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