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Getting OnShape in shape

OnShape is fairly generous with their free accounts with 100MB, but you can run over the limit quickly if you don’t know how to knock the file sizes down. OnShape saves a complete history of ALL your actions that adds up over time. If you save a copy of your document as outlined below, it will make a copy without the history. You will still have all the Features that define the objects, but the individual minute steps for all the odd steps you made along the way will be gone.

Select your document

Fire up OnShape and click on your document you want to shrink. Not the name or it will open.

Then click on the settings gear.

Copy workspace

From the gear menu, select Copy Workspace. If the menu does not show all the options, make sure the document is selected and not just highlighted.

Name the Copy

Call it what you will and click OK.

New document opens

Click the OnShape logo to close the copy and return to the file list.

Shiny new copy

The new copy now appears in the list. Note the size is the same at first. Give it TIME! I didn’t wait at first and thought it was broken.

In the meantime

Get rid of the big file. Click on the gear and select Move selected and this document to trash

Take out the trash

1. Click Trash in the left column.

2. Click Empty Trash at the top.

Back at the list

After the trash is gone, the size should be updated–or give it more time.