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PrusaSlicer Tricks – Split Parts and add a Modifier

PrusaSlicer Tricks: Split Objects, Add Modifier, Turn off Perspective

This video has a few tricks up its sleeve. It gives a quick overview how to do the following:

  • Split parts in a 3D file
  • Turn off perspective view
  • Add a modifier that can add perimeters or wall to add strength to an area of a part

Watch it here:

It’s great to have a full bed of parts you can print all at once, but if you want to print just one, this video’s for you. Watch how to split the group in to parts, get rid of the rest and print just the one you need.

Once you get used to NOT using perspective, you can then see alignment of objects a lot easier. It’s found under Configuration>Preferences. Select the Camera Tab and toggle “Use perspective camera” on and off.

If you want to change and area of a print’s properties, then you need to add a Modifier. With a modifier object, you can easily change some of the properties for just the area you need. I wanted to add more walls or perimeters to a weaker area of a part, so I added a cylinder modifier and changed the numbers of perimeters.

Hope this helps! If anything else is bugging you about using slicers, let me know.

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SolderFingers 2.0

A few years ago, I made my own version of a soldering aid for wires. I posted it on Thingiverse:

Original Solder Fingers

It worked well and got thousands of downloads. But I wanted a better way to grab the wires, so I designed this. It uses springs from cheap dollar store clothespins.

I went through many iterations to get to this final design. Hope you find it useful, too.

SolderFingers2 © 2022 by  Russ Taber is licensed underAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International